How it works

Launch your voucher shop easily

You get your own voucher store where you can list your gift vouchers. It's customised with your logo, your brand colors and your photos. It's yours.

We have all you need: payment provider, legal documents, help for your accountant, users' manual.

It takes 1 day to set everything up.

Sell vouchers to anyone

Maybe you're already selling vouchers in your restaurant. Now people don't have to go to the restaurant anymore to buy gift vouchers. They can do it online in about 2 minutes. Customers receive their vouchers as a printable PDF file with a unique voucher code.

Get paid quickly

The money you receive from your customers is automatically sent to your bank account once a week.

We use Stripe as payment provider and you can register through us quickly.

Redeem & manage vouchers

When customers redeem the vouchers, all you need to do is type the voucher code in our admin area and invalidate the voucher with one click.

It's a safe and quick system that makes voucher management easy for your staff.

The vouchers you sell in the restaurant can be administrated through the same system.

Get more guests & customers

Gifting a voucher is the most effective way to make someone try out a restaurant. It's also also a much more cool thing to do than simply telling them how great the food was or what a nice time was had there.

Let your guests send you more guests. Let them buy your gift vouchers online.

See it in action

Watch a voucher being purchased

Purchasing a voucher in a store provided by Voucherer takes about 2 minutes.

We did it in 66 seconds in the video.

Voucher design

How the voucher looks

Each voucher contains your logo, the background image of your choice, and the voucher code.

We can customise the voucher design even further on request.

Want a voucher that looks like all your vouchers before? No problem.

Voucher management

See how restaurant staff can redeem a voucher in less than 30 seconds.

Type the voucher code to see validity. Then invalidate the voucher with 2 clicks.

Fast & simple.